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Fire Retardant & Chemical Technologies, LLC. (FRCT) path to success was founded on innovative products and solutions designed to provide user-friendly protection for wood and wood-based products covering a wide range of end-user applications. Fire was our first - but certainly not our only!



In the realm of fire retardants, FlameTechTM vacuum-pressure applied fire retardant was fully developed and launched to market by FRCT. FlameTechTM FRTW (Fire Retardant Treated Wood) is now in widespread commercial use across the Lumber & Building Materials Industry offering an innovative, high-performance treated wood product designed to meet stringent building codes for fire & life safety when specified or required by code.

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FRCT has made significant progress in the development of fire retardants for pressure & non-pressure applications.

FRCT is equipped with in-house ASTM E-69 and ASTM E-162 testing abilities for the development and optimization of advanced fire retardant formulations. Our North Carolina laboratory also has the ability of pilot plant application testing of both vacuum-pressure and spray-applied fire retardants. Mechanical testing is a critical component of the development process of new fire retardants for wood protection. As such, FRCT is supported by fully computerized universal mechanical testing equipment allowing us to quickly test specimens treated with new formulations.

The FlameTechTM brand of pressure impregnated fire retardant treated wood is the only product listed by three of the most prominent internationally accredited certification agencies (Intertek, UL, QAI) that provide certification & listing services for fire retardant treated wood products.

FlameTechTM Interior FRTW has a suite of certified & listed 1 & 2-Hour Fire Resistance Rated Wall Assemblies (tested IAW ASTM E119/UL 263) that do not require the use of mineral wool or high density fiber insulation, and were tested @ 100% Design Load. This certification provides engineers and architects with a new FRTW option in Type III & V construction that offers enhanced design flexibility and performance when fire retardant treated wood has been specified or is required by code.



FRCT provides high-dilution ratio pigments capable of providing durable, long-lasting color & UV protection for treated products. We also provide stable dyes in low or high-range (pH) which offer color marking systems featuring exposure limits of up to 4 months at varying dilution ratios as desired.

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FRCT can provide unique color combinations in either a dye of pigment for customers to assist in product identification and/or branding & marketing efforts.


Non-Metal Based Pressure Impregnated Preservatives

There are many ways to provide protection on wood without the use of heavy metals. FRCT specializes in the development of unique chemistries engineered to meet Industry needs while at the same time promoting environmental safety & health. It's 2018, folks. We have the technology, ability and know-how to develop and deliver user-friendly, high-performance chemistry. Additionally, FRCT has an EPA approved DOT insecticide used in insecticidal treatment including sill plate protection, insecticide and buffering compound. Our DOT is stocked and readily available throughout the US in: 50lbs bags and 1,500 & 2,000lbs super sacks. More products coming soon.

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Backed by over 20 years of experience in the development of water repellents for the wood treating industry, FRCT provides a full line of superior water repellant concentrates for vacuum-pressure treatment of wood products with a built-in dry film preservative providing superior water repellency with excellent long-term stability at a cost-effective price point.

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A laboratory homogenizer allows FRCT to test new emulsion formulations on demand, while our pilot plant treating cylinder and mechanical shear devices coupled with a state of the art laser diffraction particle size analyzer gives us the added capability of simulating the process of commercial wood treating to further evaluate the static, as well as shear stability of water repellent formulations.

We go the extra mile for our customers! How so? Routine particle size analysis of customer solutions conducted by FRCT laboratory staff monitors the quality of the water-repellent currently being used and predicts potential problems before they may become visible to the plant operator.

As such, our water repellants are the most effective and user friendly water repellant for the pressure treating industry, and are designed to work in all facets of treatment that are quat-based, dispersed-copper-based, dissolved copper-based and is designed to work well with many of the performance-enhancing additive incorporated with other chemical products used in the Wood Treatment Industry.


Mold Release

The manufacturing of magnesium oxide boards, cement boards, pre-fabricated cement components and job site casting of concrete require mold release agents and/or products capable of providing concrete a desired finish or end-state. To meet the dynamic needs of the Industry, FRCT has engineered odorless, non-flammable mold release agents including both petroleum-based & biodegradable vegetable-based products.

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PreserveTech™ LWT
(Custom blend)

PreserveTech™ LWT was designed as a factory applied light-duty preservative for the protection of wood products intended for above-ground exterior coated and rapid water run-off exposures (AWPA UC3A). The product can be applied by dipping or flood-coating. Based on triazole fungicides and borates, the preservative formulation offers excellent penetration with a low solution uptake. Within 24 hours of application, the treated products reach a moisture content of 19% or less under most conditions. The treated products are lighter, and subject to much less physical deformations such as checking, cupping, and warping associated with pressure treating. This product is particularly suited for T1-11 siding, trims, and shed flooring.

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PreserveTech™ HW
(Custom blend)

PreserveTech™ HW was specially designed for the dip-treatment of engineered wood products such as I-joists, LVL, OSB and similar products. The combination of Propiconazole and Tebuconazole fungicides and powerful Imidacloprid insecticide provides efficient decay and insect protection. The presence of additional borate (DOT) allows diffusion deep into the wood material for advanced protection. The main advantages of PreserveTech™ HW is its excellent penetration.
PreserveTech™ HW is approved by the City and County of Honolulu. The product is currently approved for use on Boise Cascade engineered wood products. Please see Technical Note GE-26 for details. Additional approvals from major EWP suppliers are pending.

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PreserveTech™ IT+
(Custom blend)

PreserveTech™ IT+ is an insecticide formulation based on Imidacloprid (Preventol™TM). Its high efficacy, low mammalian toxicity, good compatibility and stability, and low odor make it an excellent choice as a glue-line additive for plywood, LVL, and other engineered wood products. Please contact FRCT for additional information or compatibility/stability evaluation with your particular system. PreserveTech™ IT+ can also be added to fire retardants such as FlameTech™ to provide termite resistance.

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Intumescent & Non-Intumescent Coatings

FRCT is deeply involved in the development of new Fire Retardant Coatings for a wide range of applications and on varying substrates.

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Flood Coat or Dip Pesticide Preservation

PreserveTech® is a wood preservative with multiple derivatives representing a family of unique chemistries developed by FRCT. PreserveTech® derivations have been formulated in a prescriptive manner and have been engineered to provide protection to wood and wood-based products covering a wide range of applications.

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Dynamic Problems Require Prescriptive Solutions

Applications for wood and wood-based products treated with PreserveTech® include:

  • roofing underlayment
  • window, door, sash
  • siding & trim
  • marine & transportation panels
  • structural sheathing – plywood & OSB
  • engineered wood products

Benefits & Protective Features (Options) of PreserveTech® Treated Materials

  • As our customer – we serve as your product’s First Line of Defense! Products treated with PreserveTech® have a wide range of (optional) protective qualities of which can be included in the PreserveTech® unique formulation on a prescriptive basis providing unparalleled value to the end-user.
  • Wood treated with PreserveTech® is virtually free of warping, checking, and other physical defects.
  • Products treated with PreserveTech® retain the natural color of the wood.
  • Proprietary water repellants reduce water absorption and physical deterioration due to water absorption and other moisture related issues.
  • Additional value-added PreserveTech® protective qualities include: fungal resistance, mold control, protection against Formosan termites, UV protection, unique colorants and more.
  • Proprietary application technology and QC methods of PreserveTech® ensure the production of quality products at a cost-effective price point.
  • Excellent efficacy.

For Treaters/Manufacturers Using the PreserveTech® Liquid Chemical:

  • PreserveTech® is a custom blend of EPA registered pesticides. Use precautions, application, and disposal must be carried out in strict accordance with all product labels & requirements.
  • Operators and all personnel that come in contact with PreserveTech® concentrate, ready to use solution or freshly treated wood should be familiar with product SDS.
  • The use of EPA registered pesticides shall follow relevant Federal, State, and local rules and regulations.
  • All active ingredients in PreserveTech® are listed in the AWPA Book of Standards.

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