When it comes to fire-retardant technology and other unique chemistries – FRCT has taken on the task to develop, test, analyze, iterate and bring to market solutions to challenging problems faced by the Wood Products Industry. Simply put, our outstanding selection of customer-friendly services are available to help you reach new heights in the development of your next generation problem solver.

Boutique Formulation

We specialize in developing unique chemistries and custom blends for customers including: intumescent & non-intumescent fire retardants, pressure impregnated fire retardants, treatments & custom blends for solid wood, composites and EWPS designed to be used in a wide range of end-user applications, along with a host of other unique formulations.

Compatibility Studies

Our Compatibility Studies are dedicated toward providing our customers with a thorough assessment of the chemical compatibility of their product(s), with a focus on preventing problems before they occur. Throughout this study, our laboratory staff evaluates local factors including: water hardness, temperature, stability, compatibility with other constituents, and other chemical/physical properties as desired.

Treatment Studies

With a specialization in unique chemistry development, it’s only proper that we conduct comprehensive, lab-based treatment studies to ensure that every product we introduce to the market is both high-performing & user-friendly.

Performance Studies

Our highly skilled staff has a unique knack for conducting comparative analyses of developed technologies in comparison with time-tested technologies well-known to the Industry.

Lab & Field Decay Testing

FRCT conducts stake and site exposure testing applicable to zones 3-4 & 5.

Lab Testing

FRCT is equipped with in-house testing apparatus and machinery designed to assist in the development and optimization of advanced chemistries and formulations in some of the following standardized ASTM testing protocol: ASTM E162, ASTM E69, ASTM 5516, ASTM 5664.

Accelerated Aging Testing

In-house testing apparatus & machinery include UV chambers & humidity/heat chambers capable of exposing products in development to real-world conditions under constant temperature and humidity in an accelerated time curve. This capability gives us the privilege of providing our customers with real-time feedback on their products.

EH&S Seminars

In addition to holding on-site environmental health & safety seminars for your staff, our place or yours, we also conduct SDS & PPE review for your chemical components, liquid products and/or finished goods.

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